Therapy is beneficial for addressing a variety of difficulties. People seek out therapy when they are feeling dissatisfied with some aspect of their lives. At Grow Confident, no problem is too big or too small to be considered. As an example, take the case of Zoe.


Zoe is an intellectually and artistically talented young woman who recently graduated from college. Despite her seeming success, she feels quite adrift - she is unhappy in her job as a paralegal, recently ended a two year relationship, and feels estranged from her family.

Heal - The healing phase involves seeking and uncovering elements of a person’s self-story that are painful and destabilizing. Reframing and neutralizing negative self-views leads to more wholesome self-awareness and positive self-regard. Zoe realizes how saddened she still is by the loss of her relationship, and is able to finally grieve. She begins to recognize her creativity and how stifled she feels by legal work. She also sees how her interactions with her family are shaped by their expectations for her to attend law school and her fear of disappointing them - which leads to her avoiding them and feeling lonely.
Thrive - In thriving, a person has come out pain and is practicing behaviors that are beneficial and not harmful. The sense of self is strengthened as painful feelings are soothed and supported. A person becomes accustomed to improved mood, increased energy, and more daily satisfaction. As Zoe’s self-awareness increases, she begins to feel calmer and more aware of her environment. She uses therapy to reframe and understand painful interactions in her day-to-day life. Her knowledge of her unique strengths and sensitivities deepens, and she gets better at protecting herself from situations and people who are not conducive to her emotional health.
Grow - Once thriving, a person craves growth - in this phase of treatment, they reflect on what works and what doesn’t, and building external supports so that a thriving sense of purpose can be maintained. Bursts of development are followed by periods of stabilization and growth sustainment. Feeling stable and more secure in herself, Zoe works to explore career and personal goals that will satisfy her needs for creativity and engagement. She uses therapy to navigate the exciting and disappointing moments that come with dating new people. She enrolls in web-design courses and tells her parents that she does not intend to apply to law school.
Bloom - This is a process that moves beyond merely eliminating negative elements. It involves identifying passions, values, and what brings fulfillment. Blooming requires identifying the skills, joys, and passions that are unique to each of us - the things that give us our most distinct and valued selves. Zoe is pleasantly surprised that her parents accept her decision. She begins to pursue web-design more enthusiastically and is praised for her talent and potential. She begins to work as a free-lance designer, and she is excited to tell others about her new career interest. This sense of satisfaction leads to more enjoyable and fulfilling moments with friends and family.

Dr. Robin Belamaric and her associates at Grow Confident are skilled in a variety of different evidence based therapies for children, adolescents, adults, couples and groups. Through a collaborative process, we tailor our approach to best meet your needs. We would love to speak with you about your interest in seeking help - please contact us.


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