Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessment provides a critical blueprint for understanding someone’s strengths, needs, and how to efficiently help them. It is beneficial for children and adults. People seek out assessment for a variety of reasons - it may be recommended by another professional to provide a solid diagnosis, may be required for admissions or to determine eligibility for school support, and can be a valuable tool for self-discovery in developing your talents.

Why seek a psychological assessment?

Most people to seek out assessment when they are having difficulty fitting in or achieving goals at school, work, or in important relationships but people seek assessment for many other reasons.

The case study of Corey, below shows an example of how assessment is commonly used.


Corey has been having difficulty focusing in class and turning in assignments. He was an excellent student before, but since starting at his new middle school he just doesn’t seem like the same kid. His mother is concerned: is he is just having a hard time adjusting, or is something else going on?

Corey’s Assessment

A specialized plan for Corey’s assessment is designed after his mother meets with team members. Corey comes in for 2 or 3 meetings and completes tasks and answers questions about himself. Then his mother meets with Dr. B and learns that, as she suspected, Corey is anxious and having a hard time adjusting. But she also learns that he has a particularly hard time with reading - so much so that he would qualify for accommodations at school.


The team can now make targeted recommendations for Corey. He now qualifies for support in school, which makes schoolwork more manageable for him, which helps to reduce his anxiety. He also is told of a support group for students who are having trouble adjusting to middle school, and where he begins to make new friends. His mother is also given tips for helping him recognize and manage his anxiety.

Is psychological assessment for you?

Dr. Robin Belamaric and her associates at Grow Confident are skilled in a variety of different assessments. Through a collaborative process, we develop a tailored plan that is unique to your questions and that can support your needs with a strong evidence basis. We would love to speak with you about your interest in assessment - please contact us today.


Admissions Testing for Private Schools (Pre-K through High School)
Psychological Assessment - price varies based on testing battery, purpose, and referral question; this is a typical range. Fifty percent is due at the initial testing session and the remainder is due upon report delivery.
$2,500.00 - $4,500.00