Robin Belamaric, Ph.D.

Robin Belamaric, Ph.D.

Dr. Belamaric earned a Ph.D. in Psychology from The George Washington University in 2003. She has been helping children, adults, and executives learn and grow through research, prevention services, assessment, and treatment since 1993. She is a Licensed Psychologist in Maryland, Virginia, and Michigan.

She was part of the development team for “The Kids’ Club!” a CDC Group Therapy intervention for Children and Families exposed to violence. She worked at the ADHD/Conduct Disorders Clinic at Children’s National Medical Center in Shady Grove, MD from 1998-1999, and did her Master’s Thesis within the DC Public High Schools, resulting in awards from the DC Psychological Association and SPSSI (Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues).

She has presented and published papers in several international and National Conferences and Peer-Reviewed Journals. She has developed and taught courses in Psychology, Research Methods, and Criminal Justice Psychology at Trinity College (M.A., Counseling program), the George Washington University, and Jackson Community Colleges.

She has been in Psychology private practice in Trenton, MI and in the Washington, DC-area since 2004, where she provides assessment, therapy, and coaching around learning, information processing, self-regulation, and anxiety issues drawing from DBT, Positive Psychology, CBT, and Health and Community Psychology.

She especially enjoys helping adolescents and adults develop internal strength, skills, and resources to to prevent and recover from chronic stress-related diseases, such as Panic Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress, and Attachment and relationshp injuries.

She provides individual and group DBT Therapy. In addition, Dr. Belamaric consults with the media around psychologically-relevant issues such as The Washington Post and US News & World Report. She has been a repeat speaker at YPO Forum events and has provided Executive and Leadership Coaching to companies and top leaders in the financial services, U.S. Congress and Executive Branches of the federal government, health care, and real estate sectors.